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Zing Coach™ is an AI-powered personal trainer that was developed using scientifically-backed algorithms and input from the world’s best health, fitness, and psychology experts. Zing takes fitness personalization to the next level with workouts tailored to your needs and an engaging training experience.

What You Get With Zing Coach:

Personalized Fitness Programs

All workouts are part of your personalized plan, tailored to your body, goals, and lifestyle. You’ll receive a daily custom Zing workout (home or gym) that’s aligned with your fitness profile. If you feel like something different, you can create a workout with Zing’s custom workout builder.

Full Access and Flexibility

Zing is your virtual fitness companion, tracking your progress and keeping you on track to meet your goals. You’ll have unlimited access to workouts and the flexibility to train whenever you want, for however long you want. Workouts start at just 7 minutes, and we even have a 1-min interactive movement game!

Activity Tracking

All your activity will be centralized in Zing to get insights and a complete picture of your activity level. Connect your Apple Watch and Apple Health data for a seamlessly integrated experience.

World-Class Coaching

Never miss a rep with audio and video demonstrations from a variety of coaches for all 500+ unique exercises that target various muscles, endurance, flexibility, strength, agility, balance, and coordination, you won’t get bored!

Muscle Recovery Integration

Each workout is safer and more effective because they are optimized for your muscles to recover before training them again.

Performance Tracking

With Zing’s Fitness Test, you’ll go through 3 common exercises to access your fitness level. Using just the camera of your iPhone, Zing’s computer vision will capture your movements so you can focus on doing your best!

AI Workout Progression

Keeping your goals, past workouts, and activity levels in mind, the intensity and complexity of your workouts adapt as you progress.




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Your Zing Coach is getting another update to help you hit your 2024 fitness resolutions! Here’s what’s new:

View Your Achievements in Analytics

You can now track your progress towards challenges — like the New Year Habit and future accomplishments — in the Analytics tab, where the new Achievements section showcases your hard-earned fitness milestones.

Preview and Edit Your Workout During a Session

The improved workout preview allows you to modify your gym workouts on the fly, offering the flexibility to tailor your workout to your needs at any moment. During a workout, tap the burger icon in the top left of your screen to see which exercises you’ve finished and which are still to come, adjust an exercise’s weight and reps, and replace any exercises you haven’t started.

Activity Streaks Improvements

Motivate your friends and family with your impressive Activity Streak by sharing your Streak with them directly from Zing Coach — either with an image of your Activity Meter or your Activity Curve. Additionally, you can now grow and track your Activity Streak without needing to connect your Apple Health.

If Zing Coach is helping you achieve your goals, we’d love to hear about it in a review. For any questions or suggestions, reach out to us at [email protected].

Get to the latest version of Zing Coach version to access these updates. Together, we can make 2024 your year of fitness!

Zing Coach has some awesome updates to supercharge your fitness journey! Here’s what’s new:

Replace Exercise in Gym Workouts

Is the gym equipment for the next exercise in your workout busy? No worries! Tap “Replace Exercise” to select an alternative exercise targeting the same muscle group, or search for the specific exercise you want.

Improved Workout Tracking in Streaks

Now, your workouts add to your Activity Streaks even if you switch apps mid-session, ensuring your workout history remains accurate and your streaks keep going strong!

New Challenge: 1M Users Challenge

From 24 Nov to 15 Dec 2023, celebrate Zing’s biggest milestone yet: 1,000,000 users! Join our 1M Users Sweat Fest and share your challenge videos on Instagram with #1millionchallenge for a chance to win a personalized Nutrition Guidebook. Let’s sweat and celebrate together!

These updates will make your fitness journey smoother and more fun.

Your Zing Coach just got even more impressive with our latest update!

Here’s what you can expect:

Improved Body Scan 2.0:

We’ve used your feedback to upgrade our Body Scan feature significantly, making it clearer and more intuitive, as well as adding new graphs to visualize your body composition data in a user-friendly way.

Weight Limits Increased:

For the aspiring Strong Men and Women out there, we’ve increased our exercise weight limits from 200 kg (450 lbs) to a whopping 540 kg (1200 lbs). That’s even higher than the current world record for the deadlift!

Thank you for your continuous support as we strive to provide the best tools to achieve your health and fitness goals!

If you’re enjoying Zing or have any suggestions for features you’d like to see, please leave us a review in the App Store. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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