ZOE – Video Player PRO

汝泉 张

No ads, No IAP. Wi-Fi Sharing/Convert/Play/Download/Decrypt video on iOS 11.0+

– Video player

• Almost all video formats (movpkg, rmvb, avi, mkv, mp4, flv, wmv, 3gp, mov, vob, dvd, swf, rm, ts, etc.)

• Convert video to mp4 file with one command .then you maybe want to export to Photos.app

• Adapt iOS 11 Files App

• PiP

• Background playback


• m3u

• txt

• url

– Browser

• Support Wi-Fi Sharing, play or share or download videos of another device

• Favorites, History, Desktop Site

• Playback speed control:0.5x~2.0x

• Add setting item on settings:auto clear cookie when launch app,default value is yes.

• Scan a QR code

– User Scripts: JavaScript script

• Create New

• Open User Scripts Folder

• Open with Files

• Share from other APP

• Install from browser

– Safari extension(iOS 15)

• Play rate:0.25~16

• Skip to end

• Picture In Picture

– URL scheme

• Play some video zoeplay://

• Import some video zoeimport://

– Widgets

• Last Play

• Device Info: Battery, Memory, Cpu, Storage

– Imports

• Import videos with Link, Wi-Fi,AirDrop(iOS11+), iTunes, iCloud

• Support system share extension

– Cast video to TV with DLNA

• Vod video

• Live video

• HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) video

– Wi-Fi Sharing

• Transfer and access and play videos from other devices over Wifi. Direct play video (mp4/m3u8) without download, please use browser of ZOE app

• Auto create a QR code for the wifi url

• Port 8080/8900/9100

– M3U8 Settings

• Add zoe.m3u8 and zoe.ts to \”Import\”. Test the video player or Wi-Fi Sharing

• Add zoe_aes_128.m3u8 and zoe_aes_128.ts to \”Import\”. The zoe_aes_128.ts is encrypted with AES-128,the key is zoe0123456789abc

• Debug Mode, you can import up to 50 ts files for one m3u8

• Import Speed

Fast:Auto decrypt videos and merge into one ts file

Medium:Import m3u8 file as movpkg file

Slow:Import m3u8 file as mp4,It may take a long time.

– Private videos

• Unlock with Pattern

• Unlock with Biometrics

– Library video

• Direct play video of Photo.app ,needn’t import to app

• Manager videos with albums of system

• Support iOS 14

– Share video

• Share videos to TikTok、Slack and so on

– Tag Manager

• Assign tags to videos

• Filter videos with tags

• Delete or order tags




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