InShot Pro – InShot++


InShot Pro – InShot++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

InShot++ unlock pro features and paid editing materials including stickers, filter packages etc. Watermark and advertisements will be removed automatically.


InShot – Powerful HD Video Editor and Photo Editor with professional features. Add music, transition effects, text, emoji and filters, blur background and etc! No Watermark!



– Trim video

– Cut/Delete middle part of a video

– Merge videos

– Adjust video speed (now InShot support speed ramping)


[Music , Effects & Voice-overs]

– Add exclusive vlog music of InShot featured. Add your own music to video, like mp3 files and other format.

– Lots of fun sound effects.

– Add voice-overs.

– Easy to sync sound and video, with timeline features.


[Text & Emoji]

– Add text on video and photo.

– Add emoji on photo.

– With timeline features, easy to sync text and emoji with video.


[Filters and Effects]

– Lots of cinematic filters

– Unique effects such as glitch, noise, beats, retro DV, etc.


[Video transitions]

– Combine 2 clips with smooth transitions.

– Make your video more eye-catching, editing video like a Pro.



– Add video and photo layers on main video.

– Use chroma key/green screen to create a creative works.

– Add mask to PIP.



– Add motion to layers(text, stickers, PIP) by using keyframe tool


[For social media]

– Blur border for photo and video. Make it square ready for Instagram.

– Colored border to make it square ready.

– Move video/photo inside the square.


[Photo editing]

– Add text and stickers to photos, make fun story.

– Add filters and adjust brightness, contrast, curves and etc.

– Make photo collage



– High video output resolution. Now InShot support save in 4K, 60fps.

– Share to social apps, like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.





Last updated



– Auto caption: New AI-powered speech to text tool

– New effect pack: Analog

– New clip animations

– Bug fixes and other improvements

– Track switch: Switch between PIP and main clip

– New effects pack “Shake”

– Bug fixes and other improvements

Any ideas or suggestions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

For more new feature tutorials and advanced video editing tips, please subscribe to our YouTube channel @InShotApp

– Keyframe easing: Add motion graphic between keyframes

– New effects pack: Weather

– Bug fixes and other improvements

– Tracking: Make the materials moving with target

– New filter pack “Cream”

– Bug fixes and other improvements

– Advanced Keyframe tool: Support creating keyframe animation on main clip

– Doodle: Draw and add your doodles as stickers

– New transition: Distort

– New AI Effects: Celebrate

– Bug fixes and other improvements

– New video animation feature
– New style BG (pattern & texture)
– Support reverse and freeze video in PIP
– Smoother slow motion
– Bug fixes and other improvements

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