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ReLens Pro – ReLens++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

ReLens++ iPA unlock pro features of ReLens – DSLR Blur & ProCamera app.


How to turn your mobile into a professional camera in a blink? We did something cool.

Applying advanced computational photography and artificial intelligence algorithms, ReLens can instantly turn your phone into a professional DSLR camera.

With its powerful DSLR-grade large aperture that creates background bokeh and its professional 4K Ultra HD camera, ReLens camera makes it easy to capture “DSLR-like” and “cinematic” shots.

ReLens is designed to be a professional camera app for mobile photography enthusiasts and to help everyone enjoy the fun of photography easily.


# Excellent features

● F1.4 large aperture with background bokeh effect, say goodbye to simple and dull Gaussian Blur. Essential for portrait mode photography.

● Reproduction of several classic SLR lenses, such as 50mm 1.4 fixed focal length lens, M35mm f/1.4 “the King of Bokeh”, and Burnside 35, the Swirly bokeh effect lens.

● AI recalculates the depth of field and adds realistic camera bokeh effects.

● Various professional lens optical effects such as eclipse, Smooth Trans Focus, out-of-focus reflex, out-of-focus rotation, radiation, color shift, etc. give you a realistic lens experience.

● Simulation of shutter blade shapes, over twenty realistic camera bokeh shapes such as the pentagram, hexagon, Octagon, heart, etc.

● Reproduction of the unique spots, textures, and light effects of classic lenses.

● AI HDR brightness algorithm brings your scrap photos to life. Unlike traditional photo brightness enhancement, ReLens fixes photos with less noise and an even distribution of brightness.

● AI analyses the photo scene and applies 5 different brightness fix modes: ultra-low light mode, slightly low light mode, normal low light mode, normal light mode, and backlight mode.

● Intelligent partitioning for you to adjust different depth-of-field layers. You can tone the foreground or background or the sky without impacting the rest of the image.

● More specialized color toning tools, such as Posterization, Curves, and HSL.

● Freely modify the depth of field information of the image with the depth brush.


# All-Purpose Professional Camera

● iPhone front and rear 20x magnification and a 136mm telephoto lens comparable to a DSLR.

● Manual control of Exposure, Shutter, ISO, Focus, and White Balance.

● Support 4K and 4K MAX video recording (up to 60 FPS). High-quality video recording with up to 120 Mbps encoding rate. Enjoy Promovie filming.

● 20x digital zoom to look further than the original camera.

● Support for Single Autofocus (AF-S) and Continuous Autofocus (AF-C).

● Supports iPhone, iPad, and all other devices.

● Professional aids: horizontal lines, grid lines, exposure zebra stripes, etc.

More features are coming soon.


# Multiple Classic Camera Lenses

● Burnside is inspired by the Lensbaby Burnside 35, creating a bubble-like swirling bokeh. It requires a central composition, and a heavily textured background separated from the subject to get this effect.

● Petzval is inspired by Lomography’s Petzval 55mm F1.7 Mark II. This historic lens is best known for the beautiful large swirling bubble bokeh around its focus and it becomes a favorite of most “hipster” photographers as the year pass.

● Sigma was inspired by the doughnut blur produced by the Sigma MF 600 mm, creating a dreamy image. Sometimes these doughnuts are distracting from your focus.

● Sony STF is inspired by Sony FE 100mm f/2.8 STF GM OSS, delivering both smooth blur and fine sharpness with rounded out-of-focus highlights in both the foreground and background blur.


More camera lenses are coming soon. Stay tuned!!

Download ReLens and enjoy weekly updated resources.




Last updated



-[Ultra HD] New portrait mode, with clearer and softer facial lines.

-[Application Optimization] Optimized some functions and UI within the application.

-[Camera Beauty] New 4-level shaping beauty, intelligently optimize portraits.
-[Edit Presets] New presets: New Year, Millennium, Golden, Fireworks, Film, Flash, Mood.
-[New filters] 3 new filters have been added to “Fresh”: FR10, FR11, and FR12.
-[Application Optimization] Optimized some functions and UI within the application.
-[Bug fix] Fixed some problems that occurred during use.

-[Portrait Lens] Five new portrait master lenses are added to the Aperture mode: Large Aperture, Flash, Film, Fresh, and Dark Tone.
-[Pro Camera] Added Macro Mode, enabling close-range capture of high-definition images.
-[Pro Camera] Now supports recording the shooting ratio of photos and videos separately.
-[Application Optimization] Optimized some functions and UI within the application.
-[Bug Fix] Fixed the issue where the image becomes blurry when importing RAW format images for editing.
-[Bug Fix] Fixed the crash issue that may occur when using beauty shots on the camera page.

-[iPhone 15 Adaptation] Adapted to iPhone 15 series models. It also supports shooting video in Log format and supports quickly opening the ReLens camera through the Action Button.

-[Widgets] Supports adding widgets to the lock screen and desktop to quickly open ReLens shooting.

-[Self Timer Mode] Now supports adjusting white balance in Self Timer Mode.

-[Aperture mode] Re-open LiDAR for users of 17.1 and above systems.

– [Major Update] New camera portrait beautification feature: get DSLR-like beauty effects in one click (Some models do not support this feature).

– [Pro Camera] Support color adjustment for the camera, such as sharpen, contrast, saturation, and tint. Come and create your own creative style.

– [Quick Access] Add shortcuts to Album, ColorLab, Ultra HD, and Frame on the home page for easier operation.

– [Bug Fix] Fix the export crashes after using cropping in the Colorlab or Frame shortcut entry.

-[Album Optimization] Optimize the display of Self Timer albums. Supports filtering photos by shooting mode.

-[Self Timer Album] Supports quick scoring and photo selection.

-[Pro Camera] Optimize UI and interactive experience.

– [Bug fix]: Fix a possible crash caused by switching between front and rear cameras when zooming.

– [Experience Optimization]: Improved the resolution and clarity of the canvas preview of the edit page.

– [Export Quality Optimization]: Improved the quality and clarity of exported images.

– Optimize the depth-of-field function interactive experience. Draw the depth-of-field information and then apply it to any depth-of-field area you want to change. Easy to use.

– Upgrade out-of-focus spot with sharper edge, whose effect is closer to the physical bokeh of a DSLR. Adjust the aperture to f3.0 will show you a surprise.

– Add 3 new lens optical effects: Out-of-focus Bilinear, Noise and Dust. The Bilinear optimizes the edge effect of the spot. The dust and noise simulate the effect of old lenses, presenting a vintage film texture.

– Add 2 new preset lenses: RL-01 and RL-02, which were developed by ReLens with a whirlwind effect.

– Add 5 new effects in Color Lab: Grain, Vignette, Glow, Dispersion and Slow Shutter, making it easier to simulate more realistic camera imaging texture.

– Manual camera supports Landscape Mode to give full play to the phone’s view.

– Bug fixes.

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